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Daan Roosegaarde Recreates Mother Nature's Aurora Borealis with LEDs

2015-03-10    source:

Daan Roosegaarde presents the Netherlands as a great work of art in “the Northern Light of the Netherlands”. ‘Waterlicht’ creates Dutch water awareness On February 25, Westervoort will host the world premiere of Waterlight. The latest artwork by Daan Roosegaarde is described by first visitors as the “the Northern Light of the Netherlands” was exhibited from February 26 to March 1, 2015 in the flood channel of the river IJssel near Westervoort. Waterlight reveals the invisible artworks of the Netherlands, and will appear throughout the Netherlands in the coming years.

Waterlight is the result of a collaboration between Studio Roosegaarde and the Dutch water board Rhine and IJssel. "A combination of awareness and a dreamscape. By adding - aside from the latestLED-technology - experience and perception, we create a virtual flood." says Daan Roosegaarde.


The artwork Waterlight consists of wavy lines of light across an area of over 4 acres. Walking on the dike the light lines are perceived as high water, once in the flood channel you find yourself in an underwater world.

The water boards are pleased with Waterlight. "In Waterlight people experience what the Netherlands would look like without their dykes" says Hein Pieper, chairman of water board Rhine and IJssel. "Awareness is crucial, because the Dutch (water)artworks need every day maintenance and our national water awareness is the foundation of that maintenance."

Pieper refers to the OECD report published last year that concludes that Dutch water works are unparalleled by any other country, but that the water awareness leaves a great deal to be desired. "Not our dykes, but our water consciousness is the weak spot in our flood protection," says Pieper.

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