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  • PR-108B Goniophotometer for LEDs Modules

    To measure luminous intensity, luminous intensity distribution, center intensity, beam angle, partial flux etc parameters of LED devices, LED modules and other reflector lamps in accordance with requirements of "Average Luminous Intensity of LED" in CIE127 and the far-field photometry in IEC61341

  • GMS-1980 Goniophotometer with Moving Mirror

    Equipement meets the requirements of the structure recommended in CIE No.70 and US Energy Star standard for SSL LM79-08. The goniophotometer can measure the light distribution with C-Y coordinate system while the luminiare position is fixed and mirror rotates around luminaire.

  • GMS-1600 Absolute Goniophotometer

    GMS-1600 is a high accuracy absolute measurement goniophotometer(C type) without mirror, in accordance with the goniophotometer configuration from NIST U.S.A. , it is equipped with high accuracy photometer head and CCD speed spectrometer, tests both the absolute spatial luminous intensity distribution and absolute color distribution directly.

  • GMS-1800 Luminaire Rotating Goniophotometer

    GMS-1800 goniophotometer is a professional test device for the measurement of photometric parameters, including spacial intensity distribution curve, spacial isocandela curve, spacial isolux curve, luminance value limitation curve, regional luminous flux, luminaire efficiency, grade of glare, total luminous flux, effective lum……

  • GMS-3000 High Speed Mirror Goniophotometer

    GMS-3000 Goniophotometric System is a large scale instrument used to measure photometric parameters of luminaires for road lighting fixture, room lighting fixture and projecting lighting fixture.