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  • SPR-5000 Optical Radiation Safety Testing System

    The system is specially designed for determining the risk group of optical radiation hazard specified in IEC 62471,such as actinic UV hazard exposure for the skin and eye, near-UV hazard exposure for the eye, retinal blue light hazard exposure, retinal thermal hazard exposure from LED products, UV-lamps, lighting sources and luminaires etc.

  • GMS-2000 Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror

    There are three rotation axes in GMS-2000 goniophotometer. A precision reflecting mirror rotates around the horizontal axle and the tested luminaire rotates in the prescribed burning position and around the vertical axle

  • GMS-2200 Goniophotometer with Double Mirror

    In GMS-2200 Goniophotometer, the tested luminaire rotates only around the fixed vertical axis in the prescribed burning position and the reflecting mirror rotates around the horizontal axis, meanwhile, the mirror on rotating table in the opposite side rotates around the horizontal axis synchronously to pursuit the measuring be……

  • PR-108C Goniocolorimeter for Lighting LEDs

    Ideal for measuring photometric and colorimetric characteristics, luminous intensity distribution, spatial color temperature distribution and spatial chromaticity uniformity of lighting LEDs

  • GMS-108 Mini-Goniophotometer

    This device meets the requirements of CIE 127 Condition A and Condition B, CIE70, IEC 61341. User can get the parameters such as: luminous intensity spatial distribution, center intensity and beam angle, partial flux of LED device, LED modules.