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  • LED-201 Thermal Test Station

    To determine junction temperature, thermal resistance under the stable and temporal conditions and luminous flux, radiant flux, spectrum distribution, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, FWHM, electric parameters of LEDs operating at various of ambient temperature and forward current.

  • SPR-960 Spectrofluorimetric System

    SPR-960 Spectrofluorimetric system is specialized to measure the 3D fluorescence spectrum, quantum efficiency, energy efficiency, luminous efficiency, fluorescence chromaticity of LED phosphors.

  • PR-302 Phosphor Luminance Meter

    To determine relative luminance, relative Z tristimulus values of phosphors

  • LATS-90 Lifetime Acceleration Testing System

    LATS-90 system consists of temperature stabilized chambers, power supply of testing LEDs, junction temperature detecting system, light measuring instruments,can record the light degeneration of each testing LED at specified powered current under ageing temperature .

  • LED Luminaire Lifetime Testing System

    According to the requirements of IESNA LM-80-2008, GB/T 24824,GB/T24823, LB/T 001, the systems is used to aged sorting, reliable, and accelerated lifetime test for LED modules and LED luminaires.