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  • SPR-5000 UV-VIS-IR Spectroradiometer

    According to the requirements of CIE NO.63, double dispersion with three monochromator and eight filters, four channels of detecting system to measure the spectral distribution in the spectral range of 200nm-3000nm (UV-VIS-IR) with high performance of low stray light, wide dynamic range, and high S/N ratio. It is ideal for rad……

  • SPR-3000 Quick-Scan Spectroradiometer

    It is composed of C-T monochromator with grating dispersion, servo motor for high speed wavelength position, and high sensitive PMT. It could be widely used in fast measurement of spectrum, photometry and chromaticity.

  • SUV-3000 UV Radiation Safety Measurement System

    SUV-3000 UV radiation safety measurement system is an innovated product, designed according to the requirements of non-measurements of non-directional lights of EUP and UVA+UVB and UVC limit requirements for CFL and similar products.

  • SL-300 Spectroradiometer

    This device can make measurements of the spectroradiometric and colorimetric parameters by spectroradiometry method according to CIE NO.63, eg: spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rending index, color tolerance, color difference, color purity, dominant wavelength, luminous……

  • PR-200D Multiphotometer

    To determine illuminance, luminous flux and intensity of light source with different fittings. Ideal for fast measurement of photometric parameters.