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  • FPDM-106 Photometric Measurement System

    Suits for the measurement of projection displays on a precision inspection frame with multi-channel photodetector in accordance with the VESA standard; to determine luminance, contrast ratio, chromaticity, uniformity and image quality etc

  • PDP-VUV Fluorescence Spectroradiometric System

    To measure the emission spectrum distribution, bandwidth, peak wavelength, luminance, chromaticity coordinates, color purity, dominant wavelength, afterglow wave curve, afterglow time, attenuation property for PDP phosphors excited by 147nm, 172nm vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation

  • FPDM-101 Optoelectrical Measurement Optical System

    To determine luminance, chromaticity, uniformity, correlated color temperature, color gamut, contrast ratio (dark-room & bright-room), viewing angle for contrast, response time, flicker, luminous efficacy and consumption; to inspect dot/line/plane defects and corresponding direction

  • FPDM-108 Optoelectrical Measurement System

    To measure the luminance, chromaticity coordinates (x, y), uniformity, correlated color temperature, color gamut, contrast ratio (dark-room & bright-room), response time and viewing angle of PDP & LCD displays in accordance with requirements of IEC/VESA standard

  • FPDM-105 Flicker Analyzer

    Constituted by high sensitivity photometric detector and high speed sampling meter, suits for the measurement of temporal luminance, luminous curve, response time, and flicker evaluation of displays in according with IEC/VESA standard;