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  • SPR-600 Thermostatic Sphere

    It is sepcially designed for accurate measurement of power LED devices, modules and lamps in according to NIST(US) requirements for LED measurement standardization.

  • Special Sphere for T5/T8 LED tube

    Patent invented integrating sphere for luminous flux and spectral distribution measurement special of T5/T8 LED tube. LED tube is burn-in on a test pole. While doing test, the test pole is directly pushed into the sphere from a special port of the sphere without operation of opening sphere. The uninterruptible power measuremen……

  • SDX-200 Rotatable Sphere

    The test lamp can be measured at any angle as the working direction(up, down and tilt)in the rotating sphere. The rotating sphere can stop in any position for the measurement requirements of 2π side openings geometry and 4π central geometry. The sphere also can be conveniently and safety controlled to rotate to any position f……

  • Photometric Sphere

    Photometric Sphere