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SPR-2000 Optical Radiation Evaluation System for Lighting Products

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SENSING develop this system due to urgent demand for optical radiation evaluation at current. For example, LED photobiological safety has already been included into the EU's compulsory product certification range, US and other countries and regions are also preparing to include it into theis mandatary requirements.In China, it has clearly included standards for blue light hazard in the latest luminaire standard GB7000.1-2015.

The SPR-2000 system, is designed according to IEC60598-1:2014 and GB7000.1-2015, is specially used for the measurement of ultraviolet radiation and retinal blue light hazard.


  • Full spectrum measurement, meet the requirements of IEC &GB;
  • Double dispersion with monochromator and filter disc;
  • Ratinal radiance meter;
  • Synchronous measurement with double PMTs;
  • Spectral range:200nm~800nm, wavelength accuracy:0.2nm;
  • Measurement parameters:UV radiation, Blue light hazard.