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  • MCS-1000 High Precision CCD Spectroradiometer

    MCS-1000 uses advanced M-type optical structure and flat field concave grating with low stray light and high diffraction efficiency, TE cooled scientific grade CCD area image sensor, and low noise and high sensitivity amplifier.

  • MCG-1000 Scientific Spectroradiometer

    MCG-1000 is a scientific spectrometer developed by SENSING together with Germany well-known optical company, made in Germany. Patented ceramics structure of Zeiss and the holographic concave grating are used in inner optics system. H

  • MCS-300 High Speed Spectrometer

    MCS-300, equipped with high accuracy back-thinned CCD array detector HAMAMATSU from Janpan, meets the requirements of high sensitivity and high accuracy. With high performance-price ratio, it is suitable for the high accuracy measurement.

  • MCS-200 Smart High Speed Spectroradiometer

    Entry-level CCD spectroradiometer with the advantage of compact size and low cost, which is suitable for the low accoracy measurement.

  • SPR-5000 UV-VIS-IR Spectroradiometer

    According to the requirements of CIE NO.63, double dispersion with three monochromator and eight filters, four channels of detecting system to measure the spectral distribution in the spectral range of 200nm-3000nm (UV-VIS-IR) with high performance of low stray light, wide dynamic range, and high S/N ratio. It is ideal for rad……