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GMS-1800 Luminaire Rotating Goniophotometer

GMS-1800 goniophotometer is a professional test device for the measurement of photometric parameters, including spacial intensity distribution curve, spacial isocandela curve, spacial isolux curve, luminance value limitation curve, regional luminous flux, luminaire efficiency, grade of glare, total luminous flux, effective luminous flux,electrical parameters and so on.

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GMS-1800 goniophotometer is a professional test device for the measurement of photometric parameters of various luminaires such as projecting lighting, road lighting and room lighting and its spatial luminous intensity distribution. The measurement parameters include spatial iso-intensity curve, intensity distribution curve of each section (shown with rectangular coordinate system or polar coordinate system), plane iso-illuminance distribution curve, luminance limitation curve, lamp efficiency, glare grade, effective luminous angle, upward luminous flux ratio, downward luminous flux ratio, total luminous flux, effective luminous flux,utilization factor and electric parameters (power, power factor, voltage and current) etc.



  • Match the requirements of IEC & relative national standards;
  • Rotating luminaires, reaching many measurement ways such as B-β, A-α and C-γ;
  • Compact structure, divided by double pillars or single pillar, easy for installing FL, down lamps,flood lighting etc;
  • Special laser cross aim device, making the installation of luminaire more convenient and accurate;
  • Precision high-sensitivity photodetector, fine V (λ) corrected detector,or Optional import photodetector;
  • Emergency stop function;
  • RS-232C interface, easy connecting with all kinds of computers, the standard Chinese/English Windows operation interface.



  • Photometric accuracy: class 1
  • Angle accuracy: 0.1 degree
  • Luminaire can be rotated by -180~180°along with horizontal axis;
  • Electric meter accuracy: 0.5
  • Maximum scale of luminaires:voltage: 5KVA,weight: 50kg, dimension: 1400mm×1600mm
  • Measuring distance: among 5m~30m (optional).
  • Power: AC/DC 600V/10AX6 lines wireless reference photodetector as compensation of light fluctuation.