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  • LED-201 Thermial Test Station

    It intergrates the functions of measurement for optical parameters, electric parameters and thermal parameters. It can measure the junction tempreture, thermal resistance under the stable and temporal conditions and luminous flus, radiant flux, spectrum distribution, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, FWHM, electric paramet……

  • SCD-100 Portable Spectro-Luxmeter

    It can measure the spectral distribution, illuminance, chromaticity coordinates, CCT and CRI directly. It can be conneted with mobile devices via Blue teeth, easily do the measurement by special APP, which can be available for IOS or Android system.

  • PR-200D Multiphotometer

    It can measure the illuminance, luminous flux and intensity of light source with different fittings, ideal for fast measurement of photometric parameters.

  • PR-202/203 Wireless Luxmeter/Recorder

  • FP-210 Ficker Photometer

    According to the requirements of IEC 60969, Energy Star, EU and China National standard, to test the starting time, run up time and ficker performance of lamps and luminaires.